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Stillen sway bar

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Has anyone put this mod on their Armada? My front end at 43000 miles seems to get squirrley at highway speeds(70-85 mph). Just wondering if htis might help a bit.:confused:
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I've had the stillen swaybar on for about a week now. I love it. I could instantly feel the difference. Response was better, turn in was crisper, and it just seemed to track better. When I installed it I also installed Energy Suspension bushings, and used the stock end-links. FYI the Stillen bar is the same diameter but its solid unlike the stock bar which is hollow.

That said. I don't think it will help the squirrely highway problem. Alignment, tires, tie rod ends are things you should look at before buying a swaybar.
Wow, 3 sets of tires at 43k :eek: . Hopefully that was from hard driving and not uneven tire wear. I'm still on the OEMs at 34k. I've got 22s and Falkens and will change them once I get my tire machine in a couple weeks.

As for ride quality with a swaybar I only noticed a bit more stiffness over rough uneven roads. I actually like it but I'm sure its not for everyone including hardcore offroaders.

With the squirrely ride, what exactly are you talking about. Does it wander, does the steering wheel shimmy, what type of roads, does it happen only on a certain highway?

The dealer should have checked the tie rod ends because you can't do a good alignment when they are bad. Road force balancing is great if they take the time to do it. Truck tires can be hard to balance let alone RFB so they might have just given you a standard balance which the RFB machine can do. Check the insides of the wheels to see how much weight they stuck in there. Less weight is always better, to much weight can indicate a bad wheel/tire match which could be adjusted by the RFB machine.

Good luck with the dealer on tracking down the problem. If there are any specialty wheel/tire places, or race prep shops that do wheel/tires you might want to check with them if the dealer falls through.
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