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Stillen sway bar

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Has anyone put this mod on their Armada? My front end at 43000 miles seems to get squirrley at highway speeds(70-85 mph). Just wondering if htis might help a bit.:confused:
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Yeah, I just put on CrossTerrains and had her aligned and rfb'd but haven't checked the tie rod ends yet. You'd a thunk the dealer would have checked that when I said to check everything on the front suspension, but, it's my fault for not giving them a road map.

I'm glad to hear the Stillen tightens up the cornering, as the miles rack up I have noticed that the beast gets a little tender around corners. I push my vehicles though (I'm a third generation speed demon). :)
Armada said:
If there has been a change in my front end stability at 43,000 miles, I'd be checking other things first before beefing up the swaybar. You may have one or more shocks that have failed or are going bad. You could have an alighment problem, or simply need new or better tires. All those things need to be checked and remedied first.

Only then would I consider beefing up an already pretty stout swaybar. A stiffer sway bar may degrade your ride quality and probably reduce front axle articulation if you ever take it off road.
I've already replaced the tires (on my third set, hopefully the last for a while) I have had it into the dealer specifically to check the shocks. Their "Quality Control Inspector" said everything was "just fine" and to " get used to the ride". I am going to another dealer next week. My opinion of "service advisors" hasn't really gained any ground. :mad:
As for going off road, I don't really do that at all. I got the truck for the towing capacity and interior space.
I have never owned a vehicle that I couldn't improve on in some way, so It may be time to chuck the dealer and go custom. It's too good of a ride to not make it run at its full potential.
Thanks Armada. I've went ahead and got the 5 year alignment warranty fro NTB so I can take it in any time I need. I agree that there is some thing fundamentally wrong with the front end. I bought the truck used with 23000 on it, and the OEM Contis were on it. Two months later I switched to Wrangler SRA' s and didn't like them from day one(expensive mistake) but I figured I woudl live with them til they wore out. About four months later I began to notice the inside wearing so I began rotating at every 3000 to try and even the wear, no luck. I finally began working with a decent service advisor at my dealer who was helping to systematically locate the problem, but he left to go to greener pastures (which says alot about my dealership). The new advisor knows about as much about cars as my 5 year old ( they go vroom vroom and beep) so I am taking your advice and moving on to an independent shop. I want to tweek this things performance anyway ow that the new is off it, so I might as well do that while fixing Nissans oversights.
don't get me wrong though, I absolutely love this truck. It blows away everything else I've ever driven (with the exception of the BMW I had a few years ago). I still love the reactions from passengers and fellow motorists when the beast rears up and takes off. People are amazed that this thing can accelerate so fast.
I'll let you guys know how it goes and if I learn any thing new I'll pass it along.
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I agree. I got under the truck yesterday and noticed that the skid plate had a dent outward in the center of it as if it had been pushed from the sides. I couldn't tell from wher I was whether there was any deflection to the sway bar, but I do know that I have had to have the toe and camber adjusted rather dramatically. I am wondering if the previuos owner might have been a little rough with it off road and bent something on the suspension (or the skid plate could have have been bent by an overzealous oilchange tech, which wouldn't affect the ride).
I have had a love/hate relationship with goodyear over the last 20 years. It seem that their quality control goes out the window and they just put out some crap tires every now and then. Especially with the Wrangler series.
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