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Aftermarket install by dealer/Car SPA

2005 Armada LE
Tech package
Aftermarket DVD
Sony PS2

I took a slightly different approach that most of the threads I have read in this forum. So I’ll share my approach and logic.

I had the dealer include my aftermarket DVD system and Sony PS2 as part of the purchase. This has several advantages: 1) the dealer handles any issues with the install, 2) the DVD system has the same 36/36K warranty as the SUV, 3) there are no potential void warranty issues down the road, 4) the system can be financed in the car loan, and 5) the install took place in my garage.
We used Car Spa Dealer Services [email protected] for the install. (They do custom installs for luxury cars in the VA/DC/MD area.)
I choose a VizuaLogic (VL) ( dual 7” head rest system. The head rests came from the factory with monitors build in and the same leather and thread as my OEM head rest. The shape was slightly different from the original front head rests, but matched the other head rests exactly. VL makes 7” and 9” monitors for both the front and middle seats in the Armada. They also make a visor monitor. Their kit comes with two head rests, a 2-input a/v selector with video amplification, 6 outputs and IR repeaters, two IR head phones, an FM modulator and optionally the DVD player. While a little more costly that other options the VL kit is clean and straight forward to install.
We installed the DVD player in the front console and the PS2 in the rear console. The a/v controller was wired back to the ignition so that every thing works off the key like stock items.
To connect the system to the DVD, Pacific Accessory Corporation (PAC) ( makes connectors for connecting aftermarket accessories (amps, DVD, etc) to factory Bose head units. The have a connector (AAI-NIS) that can be used to connect a DVD to an Armada head unit with a SAT button if the SAT is not installed. The DVD is selected via the SAT button. Unfortunately, the 05 Armada does not have a SAT button so I had to do the mode discussed previously in this forum. Perhaps if we continue to ping PAC, they will make the appropriate connector for the 05.
Bottom line for about the same price as the factory system, I got an aftermarket DVD/MP3/DVD-Audio player, two 7” monitors and a Sony PS2 installed. Either monitor can instantaneously switch between either source. (Of course, if my boys can’t agree, they can watch DVDs on the PS2 and player simultaneously.)
When I get time, I plan to add two more VL 7” monitors to the middle captain’s seats and to route the a/v output back to the navigation monitor.
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