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Stock Fog Light Bulb Replacement

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Got a pair of Nokya Hyper Yellow #881 bulbs from Eautowork, they dont fit. The stock white bulb is #882 and a straight bulb to a straight connector...these have a 90 degree angled connector and just dont fit....what yellow bulb do I need??

They werent sure even though they recommended this bulb.
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Have the same problem as you do (did). I was thinking about cutting away some of the bumper to fit the bulb but the plug will not stay securely on the bulb. Might have to just change the whole fog assemble to aftermarket type. let me know if you come up with a different solution.
Checked with the dealership, 890, 899, 892, 884, 893 bulbs should work. The owner manual is wrong. :rolleyes:
Phl, take out your foglight bulb and look at the bulb #. I used a Nokya 889 type, 37.5w. The owners manual state the foglight uses a 881 bulb but when you pull the the bulb out, it is a bulb #.
Check again, its on the side of the plastic where the harness plugs into, not the the print on the bulb.
1 - 4 of 22 Posts
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