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Stockton, CA Meet May 20th

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Originally Posted by Rossi
Where: Oak Grove Regional Park faci...ional%2 0Park

Cost: Sorry....yes there is a cost to use this park. $5.00 for weekends.

Map: &Get%A0Map=Get+Map

Let me know in this thread who is coming and how many guest so we can make sure there is adequate food. If there is any dish you wish to bring let me know and I'll put it by your name.

We need to figure out what all everyone is bringing!!!


Dawgs77 (aka Rossi) 1 guest, Bud Light, Linguisa, Buns, Mustard
skromfols (Titan) 1 guest, Salsa/chips, brats, more Bud Light,bringing plates, cups, utensils, napkins and buns for the brats
37L1 (Titan) some tables and chairs
SactownTitan (Titan)
P'sTitan - Maybe
Gftitan04 (Titan)
antwon412 (Titan)
a4bry4 (Titan)
jaysplaypen (Titan)2 guests Pasta Salad
inquizitor (Armada)
shaft2k (Armada)
Hyperion (Titan)
Chasenme (Titan) 1 Guest
rob05 (Titan) Bringing the Naked Dancin Girls
Titan33 (Titan) Maybe???
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May 20th?? Damn .. previous commitment ... that Saturday ..

I wonder'd what happened to this event ..

[edit: Maybe I can make this event .. will know in a few days ...]
Alright man!!! I'll be waiting!! So no one else from the Mada group interested???????
Ok this meet is quickly approaching us. We need to get more people interested!!! Come on guys!!! We need to have a good ideal how many people are coming so I can plan on what food we need to bring.

Also if you wish to volunteer anything please let me know what it is. The first post states everyone that has confirmed with me that they are coming and what they are bringing.

Come on folks let's make this a good one!!!
I usually go to Stockton alot (family). If I do I will definetly stop by.
IF!! Come on man we need some more Mada's out there representing man!!!
Oops ... 1 less Armada (I can't get out of previous commitment) ...
Not 1 Armada made it this time.....
Rossi said:
Not 1 Armada made it this time.....
I saw some pics of the event .. and did notice NO ARMADAs ...

Not sure why the Armada(s) aren't more visible .. plenty of 'em on the road ... LOL .. it's like my little boy always says ...

"You should'a bought the truck (meaning Titan)"

It's been almost a year now .. and he still brings it up when he spots a Titan .. he was with us when we test drove the Armada and a 4-door Titan .. he was kinda upset when we drove the Armada home .. he kept asking are we going back for the "other one"??

IF the titan would have been red brawn ... we probably would have the titan vs the armada ...
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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