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Strange sound when I put on A/C

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HEY guys/gals!
Has anyone heard a funny noise when putting on their A/C. Don't know hoe to describe it, but when I start the car and then put the A/C makes this HARSH sound like it's kicking on. The sound comes from outside, underneath the hood somewhere. :confused:
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Sounds like your compressor is engaging. When you turn on the AC, it engages the AC compressor to generate the cool. It isn't engaged when AC isn't in use as it kills gas mileage.
I hear the same noise. My old Titan also made the same noise. Kinda scary like it was going to break. Maybe the next time I go to the dealer I will look in to this. I know its going to make a noise when turning on the compressor, but I dont think it should be that loud!! doesn't sound like a "GOOD (compressor) NOISE" It's a pretty HARSH sound.
Ya know what it sounds like (now that I'm thinking of it) if you were to stick something in a fan (but NOT leave it in there so it make a constant flutter) Just quick in and out. LOL! You guys are probably like ...HUH? LOL!
OH Well, that's the best I can do to describe the sound. LOL.

I guess next time I go to the dealer I will tell them too. :(
Sounds like the A/C clutch is chattering when it engages. Its not a problem that will cause any serious damage at this time, but you should take it to your dealer and have them check it out.
Thanks Steve.
I will definitely have the dealership check it out next time I go.
Your Condensor Fan Bearing Is Noisy?

I am a new member so hope this will help. I have a 04 Armada LE 4WD. I encountered the same problem. Here is what was stated on my invoice (under warranty) and the problem is now fixed:

1) Complaint: Low noise under hood when A/C is on. Goes away when A/C is off
Cause: Condensor Fan Bearing Noisy

2) Resolution: Replaced Fan (Special Order Part)
Part No: DAT 92120-7S000
Part Description: *Fan & MOTOR ASS-SPO

3) Cost = $0.00 Time = One week waiting for part

Make sure you request (don't demand) an entire fan replacement.
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We had a similar thing happen on our LE around the 5,000 mile mark.

Truck had been sitting idly in the driveway all day (in the hot SoCal sun), and had been turned of with A/C engaged.

Put the key in, start the engine, and this loud *WOOSH* would happen, like under the hood.

Dealer replaced the compressor under warranty. Haven't heard it since.
YEP, that's it! When I leave the air on and then start the truck that's when I hear it.
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