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Reach out for help here. 2012 QX56/80 - 120,000 miles
Start the car... It goes straight to 4WD LOW even though the selector switch is on AUTO.
I decide to replace the 4WD actuator mounted to the transfer case. No help. Same issue.
I decide to replace the 4WD computer/controller. No help. Same issue.
I decide to manually turn the selector shaft on the transfer case to 2WD using a ratchet.
Start the car. It immediately returns to 4WD LOW.
I decide to gut the old 4WD actuator and turn the selector shaft back to 2WD. Now it is at least driveable, but no 4WD ever.
I've order a new 4WD switch/dial that goes in the console, but I've even disconnected this switch and it still goes to 4WD LOW.

What would be causing this vehicle to constantly go into 4WD LOW without being asked to??? Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

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