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Sunroof drain tube exits verification help needed.

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So I have been getting a wet a pillar cover when it rains on the passenger side, it shows water on the a pillar trim where it meets the headliner. I pulled the interior apart and pulled down the head liner to see what was happening. I couldn’t really find anything. I saw a couple drips up above but couldn’t really tell where it was coming from. I poured water down the interior drain and drained quickly. so I thought maybe it was a fluke so I left it apart and waited a few days to see what was happening. Ran the hose on it and still didn’t get anything so I reassembled. 3 weeks later I have water again. so I took the interior apart again. The only trouble spot I saw was where the drain tube connects to the sunroof drain, it appeared that over time it being stretched caused it to get brittle. So I took off the drain cut about a 1/2” off the end and reassembled with a small hose clamp for good measure. I followed the drain tube down so I could free it from the clamps to be able to pull it up the extra 1/2”. Reassembled and poured water in the drain again. Drained fine. So I got underneath the truck to make sure I didn’t pull out the drain line from any grommets or anything like there are in the rear. I couldn’t find where the hose drains but did find a small round hole that was open in the subframe. So I poured water down the drain on the driverside to make sure they are draining in the same location. I just want to make sure it’s draining in a spot that will not cause issues. If anybody knows can you take a look at these pictures and let know.

First picture is where the water drains out. so it must drain inside the body panels. Can somebody verify this?


Second pictures are a hole in the body under side. This is looking up from the ground around the front mug flap area. Does anybody have a grommet or anything is this hole or is it open on your car as well? I was curious if the drain can through there but it’s not like that on the drivers side either.

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Anybody know or can check this for me?
Well I washed the Armada at work yesterday. Still leaking. I got frustrated and took the headliner down again. Had a guy spray water while I was in the car again. Found the leak finally!!! Bad new though, it’s the front windshield seal leaking. Just a couple drops. Very weird. I am gonna see if I can get some window sealant and get it to stop. If not sounds like it’s time for a window reseal.
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Just saw this. Glad you got it figured out and have a path forward!
I am glad to find the leak. It was driving me crazy. Not thrilled where it’s at but at least I know. Still looking for drain tube location verification.
My passenger side moonroof drain has been backing up so I opened up the headliner and pulled the drain tube off. Hooked up a slow air compressor to see if there was a blockage, also blew in it. It's draining now, but I poured in some Drain-O on both sides followed by hot water. Can clearly see it draining out so I think it's fine now, but will keep an eye on it. Also should be noted that the rubber bumper along the bottom of the part that lifts up in the front when it's open was partially off on the passenger side. It fit back into the grove, so I think that's good now too.
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