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Supercharger available for Titan/Armada?

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I have a 04 Armada and have been looking for a supercharger kit but can not find one. Anyone hear of one available?
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EightmanVT said:
What if we run it in auto at all times...distributing the torque at acceleration???.... Just a thought...I'd love to put a supercharger on mine -- my wife would kill me...but...maybe I wouldn't have to tell her about it...hehe
yeah, she won't notice that you are filling up the tank three times a week because all of a sudden your right foot weighs a ton and your mpg has dropped to single digits :D

my wife saw a similar thread a while back and I have been warned to cease and desist so I can't do anything 'radical' until the Armada is my vehicle.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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