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Swapping to LED's High beams and for the interior - 2020 Armada

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Started out with the high beams. Why they come with halogens is baffling to me. I used the Sealight X2 H11's

Stuck the ballast box on a flat section on the back of the headlight housings. These are fairly easy to reach and replace without removing anything. I like the matching look much better and it is much better light also. Though I do not use my brights often where I live.
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Next up was the reverse and license plate lights. These were pretty easy. Popping out the license plate light housings and then switching the bulbs. I bought a 10 pack of the 194 (W5W) bulbs and a set of 921 (W16W).

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The reverse lights are easy to get to. Just pop a panel off the inside of the lift gate and there it is.
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The same 194 are used in the door panel illumination lights. They just popped out with a plastic pry tool. Then the lens has to be carefully removed to access the bulbs. Also see here are the footwell lights. These are tiny bulbs!!
Ended up figuring out what they were and ordered a pack.
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The footwell bulbs are size 74. Found a 10 pack here The other ones didnt seem to matter, but these you have a polarity so make sure they turn on before putting it all back together.
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Last was the rear dome light. The front ones looked decently white to me from the factory, but this rear dome in back was dim and yellow.
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very good post with both images and links. I just wasted $35 getting OEM footwell ones about 5 months ago. Thanks again.
You are welcome. I have been doing this for my main vehicle on another forum. This is the stuff and the way I like to post. For some reason, many dont. Visual is always better.
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many thanks for this great write up with pics. Wish i had seen this before starting my replacement journey, would have certainly cut some guess workout.

i wonder if we can write up the footwells to remain on with the ignition or when the interior lights are on... would provide for some nice ambient lighting.
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