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Tail light bulb replacement

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The manual is not very clear on this. I need to replace the brake light bulb.

I removed the two screws that hold the assembly onto the rear of the Armada but the assembly will not come off. It is hinged by two other bolts or something and I cannot remove.

Do I just pull harder or am I missing something?
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It appears that there are only two bolts. There are also grommets that the lens fits in. It should come off by pulling back after removing the bolts. See attached drawing:


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Someone recently replaced the OEM bulbs w/LEDs .. I think its in the Exterior Mods section. He may have a helpful hint regarding removing the tail light assembly.

Just as scr38 posted the FSM pic .. I thought it would be a simple matter of un-screwing the 2 bolts and pulling off .. now I'm not so sure ..
After removing the two screws, the assembly pops out; just wiggle it a little.
You have to replace the light bulbs already??? :eek:
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