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Copernic said:
This beautiful girl was checking out my Armada when I was driving on the road yesterday, my wife which was sitting by my side saw her. She started arguing with me that the girl and I were looking at each other. I tried to explain to her that she was looking at the truck to no avail. She started to argue that the reason I exchaged the Nissan Quest for the Armada was to impress women. I guess from now on I will blame it on the MAda. :D

bwahaha! tell your woman to chill out! a few months ago my wife and i were sitting outside jack in the box waiting for them to bring out my order (they had me drive around to the front) when 2 girls (18-20 ish) walked out of Jack in the box and up to my car...they looked at me and one said that my car was hot and smiled and the other said that she wants to **** my car...they then both walked wife and i had a good laugh about it
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