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New member hearing overhead rattle

I purchase a 04 LE about two weeks ago and already have over 1200 miles on the vehicle. I had an aftermarket DVD with 10 inch screen installed. Since then I have had the overhead squeak/rattle issue, but it only occurs if the road surface is not smooth. On smooth roads it is not apparent. I went to the site and noticed that there is a supposed fix for the overhead console. I have not had a chance to get the vehicle to the dealer to get the fix accomplished. I'm hoping that they will fix this as a warranty issue. I am concerned that they will give me grief because I have altered the console by installing an aftermaket DVD monitor. I will approach them after the Thanksgiving holiday since we are taking the vehicle on a road trip. Other than that issue I have loved the vehicle. I'm sure a few more creaks may become more apparent over time but I am hoping these items will be worked out.
1 - 2 of 85 Posts
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