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The wait is killing me

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Purchased my mada on Sunday. Should be avilable tonight or tomorrow. They didn't have what we wanted on the lot so it has to be brought in from somewhere else.

I already have a list of mods I want to complete.

We bought an 06 LE 4x4 fully loaded. I can't wait to hook up the trailer using the camera, I think that will be a godsend since my wife is useless in helping me get lined up. This is replacing our 03 Toyota highlander as the family vehicle, that thing was way over loaded with the jetskis and all the camping gear.

I've been lurking here since sunday night and I think I've read about 80% of all the posts. I should have done that before we went to the dealer. Total OTD price was 47K and some change. I think this is a decent deal, not a steal, but I don't think I was bent over either.
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Not 2 minutes after I wrote that the dealer called. The mada is about 30 minutes away. They will detail and I should be able to pick up after 6:30

Beware, pictures are

I'm excited to get involved here. My first mod will be high beam bulbs in the low beam socket. I've done this on other cars and the result is awsome. I didn't see any how-to's regarding this so I'll try and put something together.
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