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Hey all, just curious what everyone's thoughts are on the Bose Audio that's marketed as Premium. We have it in our 2019. Since the beginning, it's been very underwhelming. It sounds muddy with no definition and way too much mid-range. And of course there is no adjustment for mid range. Bass and treble only. I find I need to keep the treble all the way up to counteract the mid range, otherwise it sounds even more one-dimensional. There is no "soundstage" to speak of, and I can tell exactly where each speaker is placed when listening. If the fade and balance are centered, it sounds like all the music is coming out of the top of the dash.

We also have a 2020 Hyundai Santa Fe with Infinity Premium Audio which sounds excellent. There is a setting called Quantum Logic Surround which creates this open, wide soundstange feeling to the music, really like it's totally surrounding you. It's pretty cool.

Anyway, just curious what the thoughts are on the Bose. I haven't found a Bose vehicle stereo yet that I've enjoyed listening to. I feel like it's more of a marketing thing to have the Bose name then anything else.

Thanks guys, happy motoring.
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