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Sounds like a lazy dealer to me.
There was another post on here a few weeks ago that sounded exactly the same.
Dealer said the TB needed to be replaced before troubleshooting anything.

Can the individual sensors not be replaced? I have replaced a many TB Position Sensors and IAC Valves on numerous vehicles.
From very quick research it appears the IAC is replaceable.

Other good places to start, vacuum leak.
I've had vacuum leaks in the past on other vehicles that I've only found after using starting fluid or brake cleaner to track them down (when sprayed on connections that are leaking the RPM will fluctuate). Just looking at hoses, valves, and fittings is not good enough.

Maybe remove and clean the TB and replace the IAC valve while you're at it. If you don't want to handle that, a good shop will. I'd look for a local mechanic that specializes in Japanese or Euro cars, from experience they're always the most meticulous.

Something else to consider:

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That appears to be complete with the throttle control motor.
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