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Throttle Body Spacers

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I now have the Airraid TBS on. I am testing to see if milage improves during for one tank of gas. I will be driving just like I always do. Normally, and quite repeatably, i get 15.5 mpg. I do notice the sound that this device makes. It is not really a whistle but more of a squeaking sound. Kind of sounds like a pulley bearing that needs lubrication. So, if I dont see enough of a milage increase, then it is for sale. I'll let you know what happens.

Has anyone tried this AutoXtreme TBS ??
It is a very different design from the Airraid.
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Look at our sister site, ClubTitan. If you do a search there you will find posts about the TBS.
Well, I couldnt take it any longer. The TBS is safe and sound back in it's box, quietly sleeping...probably snoring. I only got 3/4 tank on it and saw no MGP change but that's not really enough data to make a solid case for mpg improvement. And yes, I did remove the wire screen and no I did not feel any performance change.

So...who wants to buy a barely used AirRaid TBS ??? List $105. Yours for only $70.
Any takers?
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