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Tint scratching on front windows???

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I was inquiring about getting my front two windows tinted at my dealer and he told me his tinter did not want to do it because of the weather stripping inside the windows was scracthing the tint. I guess this is a problem he has experienced with the armadas/titans.
Anybody else having this problems?
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window tint

I got my windows tinted by the dealer and yes they did get scratched. When I took it in they agreed to replace the tint. The only catch was they dont do that dark of tint here in Cali. They just told me to go get it done and bring them the receipt and they would pay me back. I dont think that retinting my windows will fix the problem. But I will give the dealership a
That sucks, I really like to have a little tint on my front windows.
So far, no problems with mine and the dealer tinted prior to delivery. I will keep an eye out. Where exactly is the scratching occurring?
I have had the tint for over a year, no scratch problem.
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