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Tire sensors

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What happens when you install rims without pressure sensors on a LE Armada.
Will Titan sensors work with an Armada?

2004 Armada LE

Thanks for all your help in advance. :D
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1. Probably nothing. If the low pressure light comes on its not a problem.
2. Yes
I'd imagine that the alarm wouldn't go off at all without the sensors... the sensors tell it to go off, not to stay off.

Are the TPMS transmitters in the wheels matched to the receiver on the vehicle?

I'm thinking about swapping my SE wheels with some take off wheels from and LE and not bothering with changing the tires. However, I still want the TPMS to work. I wonder if the transmitters in wheels can successfully move from one Armada vehicle to another without requiring a reprograming match to the on board receiver. If a reprogram is necessary, then a little more time/money will be required to remount tires and transmitters on the wheel swap. :confused:

Thanks for sharing knowledge and experience.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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