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Tire shine

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what kind of tire shine do you guys use, i use black magic and even letting the tire shine site for 1 day to dry it still spits the dressing all along the side of the truck, :mad:
i saw this ad in the magazine and looked it up on the net here it is
let me know if anyone has used this before
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I've used No Touch for years..... never noted any spray issues. I like the dull gloss, not the Armorall type high gloss
The Monkey stuff is supposed to be good. I use the purple stuff from Eagle One. You need to let this dry also. Meguries has some good spray stuff. Just don't use anything with silicon like armor-all. It kills tries fast. ;)
I also use Eagle 1 and love it. Not the purple one but the clear one. Very nice finish and never sprays off onto my car.
tire dressing

thanks guys i'll try the eagle one or the meguirs, :D
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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