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Finally did it! Bought new tires to replace the stock contis on the QX56. After agonizing over Mich vs BFG and trying to get as close to stock as I could. I ordered a set of Toyo Proxy ST 305-60/18. Wow! the tires are 12 inches wide, (stock is 10 inches) so they just fit, with no modifications. They look really aggressive and great! Believe it or not the mileage on a long-trip just this weekend went up from 15 mph to 16 mph!

I put these tires on the wife's Murano as was really impressed so needless to say when I check out and the the 305-60/18 was very close to stock I was excited. After being worried about the widith issue when we were done mounting them they are da bomb!
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So TB these various size options can be used without causing issues with the vdc and such from working properly? And by the way have you had any experience with Cooper tires?
Thanks for the info TB. I think I have decided to give the Cooper Discoverer H/T plus a try. I have heard alot of good things about them from friends. I will go with the 285/60 R18. My spare will be the stock Crapinental and I think there is about an inch difference in Diameter between the two. Hopefully I won't have to use it but should get me through if I need to.
Thanks again TB for the break down between the 2. Hopefully these will be good tires. $125 a piece installed. Got to be better than the stock options.
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