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Titan/Armada Comparison

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1. Does the Armada have the same chassis?

2. Why is the torque rating different?

3. Are the 0-60 and 1/4 mile times the same for the stock setup?
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Let's do it!!! I don't imagine with the weight difference the Armada would have a chance. Does the Armada have the same rear gears?


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scr38 said:
The two rear gear ratios (with Big Tow and without)are the same in the Armada and the Titan. In magazine tests the Armada was faster in 0-60 tests. May be due to better traction on the Armada because of more weight on the rear and the independent rear supension.. With no tire slipage you don't have the VDC and engine torque control cutting back the engine power.
I can def. see how that weight would help keep from spinning them tires. The Titan if you don't feather the heck out of it wants to spin pretty good. Especially if you power break before you take off. We all get along!!! Hell...I'd race another Titan if he wanted tooo...then it becomes a little more at whose better at getting them tires to stick. It's all in fun.....
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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