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TITAN ARMADA MEET - February 26th 2006 Dallas

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Updated Sun Feb 19th

Come out, Chat about Armadas,Titans, Nissan, whatever.

More details as they come available

Anyone , especially if you have interest in Titan's or Armada's

PLANNED ATTENDEES SO FAR: Please Reply to the thread so we can make it
a awesome event

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#2 Tattoomee
#3 Motoman139
#4 Texas Ninja
#5 Titantexan
#6 Rays05Titan
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#8 LandMan
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#15 Dub20Armada
Sunday February 26th @ noon

(Same Location as last time)
Rockledge Park on North Side of Lake Grapevine

Last time we met at Silverlake Marina, which is a Pay Park and
was mostly closed because of road construction across the dam.
The Road is now open. So if you go past SilverLake Marina on Fairway Drive
Rockledge park is on the left, after you cross the dam. When you enter the park area, just keep to the left, and it will take you down the long end of Park Road One as seen in the map. It overlooks the lake and is a nice view.

Link to Park Website



The Street Address to the Park Entrance is:
3890 Fairway Drive, Grapevine, TX 76051

Will Post links at other sites
Totally Optional: Something to drink perhaps? Snack.
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We Missed you Dub20! I was looking forward to seeing your ride, plus we need to start getting some Mada Representing.

It was a rawkin good time. May meet is going to be HUGE! We will go for a Sunday again. I'm working on getting some decals. And we need a name. I was thinking TNT (which could be either Titans of North Texas, or Texas Nissan Trucks, (Since I think Armadas/Qx56 are going to start showing) Put some suggestions out there, and I'll start a Poll. We might start up a dedicated website as well. Sort of a neutral ground for all the Club Titan/Mada people and TT People to meet in once place.

I'll try remember to bring some name badges next time, as I think this thing again is going to be absoultely Huge in May for our 4th meet.

Going to fish out some discount/sponsorship for the club with Courtesy Nissan and Trophy , we will see what they say. Will check out hyperperformance too.

Next time we will have a planned drive as everyone seemed to enjoy it. Perhaps ending up at a Sonic or Chucks.

You can check out the TitanTalk thread to see some of the pictures.

Oh and my new Mod Wants, that I saw at the meet , a Parrot Bluetooth system, a painted engine cover and steel faceplate gauges.

and did I say, Post some more pictures..

BTW: TNT Meet for May 2006, May 14th <------- Tenative Date
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1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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