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Titan owner at a dead end

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Hi, Armada guys and gals. I'm a Titan owner and got my truck almost rattle free. May be some one can help me out. I got a rattle (more like a click or a ticking sound) in the dash some where between the nav. system and passenger door. Sometimes it sounds like its under the nav. system. This is not the ground fix. It occurs on wash board roads or on roads with frost heaves or sharp bumps. In time with the bumps not RPM's. It's mostly at highway speeds and is not constant. Yesterday it reared its ugly head driving around 25 MPH on a frost heave street. I tried everything I can think of, short of pulling out the whole dash. If anyone has any ideas or knows what this is please post a reply. For the record I didn't do the ground fix. I have not had the exact same symptoms as the people who did do the fix. Thanks.
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I don't know if this will help, but I had a similar rattle coming from that area. I fixed it by taking my glove box completely off and dynamatting the metal behind it. The rattle would only come out when I hit rough road like railroad tracks or multiple potholes.

For some reason there was nothing behind the glove box but metal, and we all know what metal on plastic sounds like! Also check all of your bolts and make sure they're tight.

On a separate note there are some metal hook things behind where your vent cover is (the one by the windsheild) I have read of some members somehow getting some foam between those clips and the firewall and eliminated rattles that way.
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