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I strongly encourage you to get extended warranty. I also have another positive story about extended warranty coverage.

I drive a 2012 Infiniti QX56, the same body style like the Armada you have. Mine is the top of the line and has all the gadgets and electronics.

My credit union offered me extended warranty at a whooping cost of about $3,700. I said no thank you. They said they give me a week to make up my mind. I said my mind is made up. I do not need warranty.

4 days down the road my dvd headrest on the driver seat stops playing. I called my credit union the next day and paid for the extended warranty. I waited a month down the road then I took my QX to the dealership for the DVD problem. Cost was $2,500. My warranty paid no questions asked.

My warranty expired earlier this year. I had it for about 3 years. By the time my warranty was expired, the extended warranty company had paid over $20,000 in repairs on my suv. Yes, I am not even kidding you. I documented it here on my maintenance blog.

My extended warranty paid so much money that one of the last times the dealership called for a repair approval, they flagged my suv for possible fraudulent claims. I took it for repairs to this one dealership only. They asked them to hold the car while an investigator comes and conducts an inspection of possible fraudulent activities or claims. My car stayed there 3 days before an inspector got there and did his investigation and took pictures. Then he left. The next day the extended warranty called and approved the repairs.

My warranty is over now and my car has not given me a headache so far. They have fixed so many things on this car that I hope not to get rid of it any time soon. 168,900 miles and still going.

I had a second car amd daily driver, a 2008 Nissan Maxima, which I bought brand new but it died on me a few months back after 12 years and 3 months of use and putting over 265,500 miles on it.

Well, I just replaced that Maxima about 3 weeks ago after 3 weeks of my Maxima's "death" with a brand new 2020 Honda Accord Hybrid as my daily driver because I hate the consumption on my QX. My Hybrid is giving me above 50mpg around town and on the highway on long trips, 43mpg doing 80mph.

Get the extended warranty for peace of mind.

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I recently purchased a 2020 SL Armanda and am trying to make up my mind on whether or not to buy the extended warranty. I drive about 2k per month, mostly highway to work and will never tow anything with it, but i also know very little about cars and Nissan reliability seems to be hit and miss according to what i have been reading. Although this is assembled in Japan which makes me a little more confident in the build quality.
The reason im seriously thinking about it is i have a whopping 2k miles on it and have had 3 issues with the electronics. One where the radio just reset itself out of the blue, presets, phones, etc. Second was just a random error saying system error, contact the dealer, third, the front sensor kept going off whenever i went under 10mph even though there was nothing in front of me. Cleared up once i shut it off and restarted it.
Nothing earth shattering and im sure the dealership will replace the head unit or computer at some point during the initial 36k mile warranty, but i also cant help to think its a sign that i should be buying the extended warranty.
As an update to my previous post, I went in for an oil change at the dealer (55 dollars for a synthetic change, very good deal!), they discovered my upper oil pan was leaking. Warranty covered this cost completely, no deductible. 7 hours plus parts. I am now money ahead in this service contract! Very glad we bought it.

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Thanks again for the responses and i did end up buying the extended warranty from Nissan. I am not mechanically inclined so the mechanic could tell me that the flux-capacitor needs to be replaced and i would say sure, what do i know... So just having the piece of mind that if they do find something wrong, other than maintenance items, they just fix it and i dont have to deal with having to determine if they are being truthful, the price is inline, etc.
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