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TomTom GO 300 GPS nav system

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I have seen awesome reviews about the TomTom GO 300 GPS receiver, every site I go people say wonderful things about it. In a BMW club web site they even say it is better that the factory option. It may be a great alternative for us without the Factory nav system. Has anyone installed it on the Armada or used it? My only concern is leaving it in the truck. I do not think it will last a long time. I am seriously considering getting one and hiding it inside the glove conpartment at night when I get home.
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Been considering aftermarket nav myself...

I did get to try my friends Garmin Street 2610 I believe..
worked very well, just got kind of annoying with the wires all over the place and having to hide the thing every time I parked...

I guess it's not a big deal to move it to the glove box and maybe have it hard wired so no messy wires lol

some of the units don't have all of the maps/streets etc already programed in and I think I would want one like the Garmin 2610 or the Magellan 700... I don't really understand how they all work yet but I am looking around also.
Yes, the only problem I heard with the Tom Tom unit is the mounting system.
kind of permanent.
looks interesting. I will check it out..

I have read good reviews about Tom Tom in general.
sweet choice..please post after you have used it.
I think I may get the C330 also... my only concern is the window mount... looks like it doesn't have a long "arm" from the window to the unit... it maybe that the unit is close to the window and too far to reach comfortably...
please post...

also, is it easy to remove and re-hook up?? I assume these units are not to be left installed in plain site, for theft reasons....

thanks for your comment.. post pics if you can too !
Can they do that??
YOu mean they will put the actuall stock nav in afterwords?
I wonder how much they will charge and who will do that?
the dealer??
1 - 6 of 25 Posts
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