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TomTom GO 300 GPS nav system

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I have seen awesome reviews about the TomTom GO 300 GPS receiver, every site I go people say wonderful things about it. In a BMW club web site they even say it is better that the factory option. It may be a great alternative for us without the Factory nav system. Has anyone installed it on the Armada or used it? My only concern is leaving it in the truck. I do not think it will last a long time. I am seriously considering getting one and hiding it inside the glove conpartment at night when I get home.
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A permanent mount increases the chances of a break in or smash and grab, since they are a self contained unit. The factory nav has a lower risk of getting stolen because they will have to remove a lot of stuff in order to resell it to buy crack or pot. I am considering a unit that you can hide or remove from the vehicle. The tom tom 300 has the maps of the USA installed already and it can be upgraded via a usb cable and a pc.
ebay has solution

Heat03 said:
Yes, the only problem I heard with the Tom Tom unit is the mounting system.
kind of permanent.
They sell a mount that comes with 3 options in Ebay for the tomtom. Check it here:
TOMTOM Has great reviews

TomTom Inc.

We are really impressed with how intuitive it is to choose a route and navigate the GO's interface; superior to any other product we've seen.

Great interface with a compact, portable design, well-rounded hardware, and superior voice quality.

Touch screen technology is not very bright in sunlight; need to download maps to MMC/SD card.

By Craig Ellison and Oliver Kaven
What we've always expected from a GPS navigation system is ability to enter a destination address as quickly and efficiently as possible and to receive clear audio and visual instructions promptly. On all counts, the TomTom GO delivers. The GO is the easiest-to-use in-car GPS system we've reviewed yet. Its mobility and relatively low price ($899.95, compared to the $1,200 price tag of our previous Editors' Choice, the Magellan RoadMate 700) also make it a compelling alternative to factory-installed dashboard units.

Read the TomTom GO full review here.,1759,1683582,00.asp
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You are right

dmarmada04le said:
Correct boat guys like me do like the Garmin units, Garmin makes a very good quality product with excellent support. Not sure of TomTom.
I did an extensive research and you are right the garmin has a more updated map system and five million points of interests with telephone numbers a complaint of tomtom users. I am going with the Garmin StreetPilot c330, I have a lease so I do not need a permanent gps :clever: . In addition, if I rent a car I will transfer the unit.
I will post pics

Thanks I will post pics. If the unit is left in plain sight it will be gone. That is the only problem. As far as the arm it looks short. I thought about putting it under rear view mirror, or in front of me in the left corner.
Gps Mount

I found a GPS mount for the Garmin 2610 and 20 which is one of the units that I will get. I found a great review here:
It turns out that the Garmin c320 and the tom tom go are really hard to see in bright sunlight. Therefore, the streetpilot 2610 or 20 are it. The mount for the armada and the Garmin 2610/20 or for other GPS systems can be seen in the included pics. For those of you who want to buy a GPS this is where you have to start your research.
The mount comes with a rubber piece that attaches to the back of the GPS and then it screws in the mount. (pic not included)


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This is the Garmin 2620 Installed

Inside the armada the garmin will look like this


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