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Took my car to the dealer....

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Took my car to the dealer, got an 06 rental....

I just dropped off my car at the dealership, and the free rental they were going to give me was some small Chevy pos....but right as they were about to finish the paperwork, the head Enterprise office called and said they needed the compact car for some other customer. And somehow I ended up with an 06 SE with 1200 miles for the same price as the compact.

So far, here are my first impressions of the 06 SE. The cloth interior is $%@#en disgusting. The hooker fishnet crap on the doors is absolutely horrible. The steering seems a lot less responsive then my LE, and the whole car just feels really soft, like a wanna be luxury SUV.....just everything feels softer and less responsive in acceleration and in handling.

On the plus side, shifting into gears seems a lot smoother (physically pulling the shift knob) not actual tranny shifting while driving. And the car does seem to be a lot more solid feeling and more quiet. But then again this car only has 1K miles, so that could also be a huge factor. I like the mirror switch and wiper arm controls better then my those might somehow end up on my car! ;) But all I can say is thank god I got the LE with leather, and the SUNROOF is a MUST on the Armada. The cabin is way to large to not have some open just feels kinda dark and small without the sunroof.

PS- Now I might finally get to do some real offroading this weekend and having know stuff I want to do with my car but don't want to risk messing anything up. Did someone just say VDC off and doughnuts??? :D
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