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While Nissan positions the Armada as a full-size SUV, which means it is not engineered and designed for serious off-road performance, its four-wheel-drive version equipped with quality off-road tires and accessories can tackle just about any terrain. Let’s talk about Nissan Armada off-road parts and accessories to find out which ones are worth your money and installation effort.

1. Off-road tires
Thanks to special tread patterns with large tread blocks and grooves between them, high-quality off-road tires can grab onto any bumpy rocks or tackle any mud terrain. Although, not all off-road tires are built the same. You should be aware of several major types of off-road tires to pick up the right tire for your application.
All-terrain tires
If you like to switch from highways and street roads to off-road terrains and vice versa, all-terrain tires are just the thing you need. Their tread pattern features large blocks and deep grooves to provide adequate traction on just about any surface, including mud, sand, and rocks.
Mud tires
As their name suggests, mud tires will guide you through any mud terrain. They feature larger tread blocks and wider channels to ensure maximum traction on muddy surfaces.
Sand tires
These tires will help you move through dunes, ensuring optimum traction on sand thanks to their special V shape and horizontal extrusions.
2. Grille guard
A grille guard, bull bar, or whatever you call it will not only add front-end protection and rugged styling to your Nissan but also allow you to carry a light bar. Consider purchasing a full-size grille guard if you drive out of the beaten paths at nighttime and in poor weather conditions.
3. Side steps or running boards
If you experience difficulties entering or exiting your vehicle, you can install a set of side steps or running boards for Nissan Armada to make your life a bit easier.
4. Mud flaps
Mud flaps will protect your vehicle from the mud and flying debris thrown into the air by your rotating wheels.
5. All-weather floor mats
Everyone wants to keep their interior clean no matter the weather is on the other side of the door. All-weather floor mats will protect your factory floor carpeting from all the mess you can bring in from the outside.

Looking for a reliable one-stop source of off-road parts for your Armada? Visit Truck&Gear’s website to find a vast selection of Nissan Armada parts and accessories at fair and competitive prices.
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