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2021 Armada SL
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I have a set of

Dometic DM-2912 Milenco Grand Aero3 tow mirrors that I ha e used in the past. They are a temporary fix, and, as "add on mirrors" they can be a pain... as add on mirrors go, they still are better than most. (Purchased through Amazon)

I also have a single "strap on" (CIPA brand) mirror. I worry how that may damage the paint.


I have thought of replacing the OEM mirrors more permanently. I have found many that fit older Armadas, and many that fit a new Titan.

Are Titan mirrors interchangeable with Armada?

Has anyone found any telecoping/extendable mirrors that a a direct fit for the Armada? Power adjustable, turn signal, puddle light... etc?


Screenshot_20210503-180453_Amazon Shopping.jpg
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