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I had Cipa universal mirrors for my Titan and they were useless. They slid down all the time and the mirror was so small, I couldn't see both lanes when changing lanes. For changing lanes, I had to use the trucks standard mirrors.

I have the Pathfinder now and elected not to use the Cipas because the Pathfinder's mirrors are painted opposed to the black plastic of the Titans. The Cipas clips are racheted on to the mirror so they will definitely scratch the paint.

I was never a fan of any type of mirror that adheres to the paint and why I never considered the McKesh. I just don't see how a strap directly on the paint won't rub and scratch it. Then the clips go into the window track which really concerns me about damage, and then the bottom goes the door bottom lip. I really can't see how this arrangement doesn't damage the door and paint. Also, if somone bumps into this mirror as it could easily be done as it stretch the entire door, it could easily put dents in the door.

The only other mirrors are the fender mirrors which have the same risk to the paint, but they seem to offer less damage to the vehicle if clipped.

Since I have a Pop Up, I can see over the camper and see other behind me unless they're tailgating. I chose to just say screw the mirrors since I can legally see behind my camper when looking over it with the side mirrors.

I really don't see any good options except for factory mirrors which the Nissan's Titan mirrors were $400 then $85 for installation for a total of $485. Quite a rip off when the entire tow package was cheaper.

If I need some mirrors down the road for a Travel Trailer, I'll get these Cipas or something similar since they do seem less destructive than the McKesh door mount mirrors.

My camper and tow vehicle

Have a good one.
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