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Towing what?

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If you are towing with your Armada, please list the trailer dry weight, hitch weight and loaded vehicle weight. Please tell us if it works for you. Thanks!
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We tow Rage’n 2124c #5850 UVW, #800 Hitch Weight. Loaded= #70 LPG + #415 H2O (50gal) +#600 ATV + #450(2MC)+ #100 gas (15gal) + #100 food/drink for a total of about #7600. Toy box can hold 100 Gal of H2O and 34 Gal of gas but I do not see a need to fill for my purpose, except when I leave it at our property(cabin duty)and I fill it locally to lessen tow weight(#8000 ouch :eek: ). The rear air suspension pumps up and levels out load great, but also really stiffens rear suspension. You would not want to ride in third row on bumpy terrain! We do not always take the ATV on trips, instead a third MC which saves #400. Tows nicely with no sway but drinks gas like a drunken sailor. Have not checked MPG, too sacred to. I would think that this toy box is very near the realistic upper end of tow capacity. The Armada will only be our frontline TV for about two more years, as my oldest will be driving and I will give him the old 4Runner and buy a diesel pickup for the toy box.
Prodigy brake controller(the best)
EZlift hitch #1000WD

Also tow a bunch(weekly) with a Big Tex LA50 6.5' x 14' tandem utility trailer. #1350 UVW maybe a couple hunderd Lbs hitch weight. Have had 1ATV and 5 MC on it for a total of #3200 and can hardly tell it is back there.


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