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I have 2 question.

With my Titan I added a hitch receiver but didn't have the Big Tow option. The Titan mirrors were smaller than other 1/2 ton truck and they were to narrow, making universal tow mirror needed.

The Pathfinder's mirrors extend farther from the body, plus are wider. They look good where I won't need tow mirrors. Since my camper is still at the dealer's lot, will the mirrors be good enough to see a camper 19' long, to it's end plus be able to see others behind the camper?? The Titans mirrors only allowed you to see straight down the side, without seeing the actual side of the camper and it's back end. Hence, you could see nothing behind the camper which brought on the need for tow mirrors.

The other question is as long as I don't go over the 500# tongue weight rating of the Pathfinder (weight carring hitch up to 500#, weight distributing hitch up to 600#) , will the rear end stay level with no sag??

Thanks in advance, I appreciate your time.

Have a good one.
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