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toyhaulers and Armadas

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I have been thinking to trade my 37' Motorhome in on a toyhauler. Just wondering what experience those of you who are hauling ones currently are having with thier Armada. I know we':confused: re rated for 9100lbs but just wonder if anyone is out there pulling that much or More? What length trailer are you pulling with yours. What is the performance like and how hard does towing with an Armada hit your gas mileage. Do you get better results not towing in "D" and how does using the tow mode on the Armada help. Finally, Do these things come from factory to run the brake controllers for trailer or did you have to go aftermarket on that?

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Cillyone, Thanks for your very informative info. I am curious how many of those ATV/dirt bikes can you fit in that 21' box?

Also, if you are telling me that it is 6.2K dry, and I add the 1200lbs for water/gas/batteries and stay under the 8K advised it sounds like there is only enough capacity to handle hauling one ATV (600lbs)? When you are out running how many toys do you put in that box that you feel is managable for the Armada?

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