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Trailering question

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Guys, I am thinking to purchase one of these trailers
I have never towed anything. I have some basic questions about trailering and would appreciate if you can help.
1) How do you decide how much drop of a receiver is needed?
2) The trailer that I am looking for does not come with any electical connector, it just come with 4 wires. What kind of connector/adapter do I need to connect the wiring to Armada connector?
3) How much am I looking to pay for registration/License plate etc. I live in CA.

thanks in advance.
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Hope this helps

Do you know any one else that has a trailer who you could borrow a hitch to test? SCR38 most likely hit the nail on the head with a 4”. As much as I hate Walmart, they are a great resource for tow/hitch accessories. As far as your choice of trailers; by the time you pay for shipping and California tax I think you would be better off looking for a nice used utility trailer in your local paper or on Craigslist, preferably one with 15” wheels and a welded frame. For decent quality and value BigTex trailers are OK, not the best but adequate. I think you are going to be disappointed with the capability of such a lightweight trailer with such small wheels. Plus that small of a trailer is going to be very difficult to see in your mirrors when backing up. My fold down trailer ramp is nice because you can see where the back of the trailer is when you are backing up even in the middle mirror as well as the sides. California issues permanent trailer plates for utility trailers (no yearly fees or tags!). Can’t tell you how the much the plate cost, I bought a 4 month old 6.5’ x 14’ tandem ($1000 off craigslist) with the plate already on it. If you look in your paper and craigslist everyday you can find a nice trailer for cheap. There are plenty of nice “buyer remorse” trailers out there, you just have to be the first one there with the $.

BTW, what are planning on hauling?
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I understand

Given your constraints and requirements I can see why the trailer is attractive to you now. I saw where you said you were new to towing and I wanted to mention that there were other avenues to explore. One word about backing a trailer up if you have not done so before; hold your hand on the bottom of the steering wheel and if you want the trailer to go left move your hand to the left. And spend a few minutes in an empty parking lot and try to back it into a space, it is hard a first but with practice it is a piece of cake. It is much easier to try in the lot than in traffic. BTW thats a cool idea about the flag. Maybe cut down an ATV flag, they can take higher speeds. Any other ideas, guys.
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