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Trailering question

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Guys, I am thinking to purchase one of these trailers
I have never towed anything. I have some basic questions about trailering and would appreciate if you can help.
1) How do you decide how much drop of a receiver is needed?
2) The trailer that I am looking for does not come with any electical connector, it just come with 4 wires. What kind of connector/adapter do I need to connect the wiring to Armada connector?
3) How much am I looking to pay for registration/License plate etc. I live in CA.

thanks in advance.
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Thank you all, Great info.
These trailers are cheap. They are selling them for $230 for the trailer chassis and $110 for the steel side panels and are availble for pickup at local harbor freight stores. These trailers come with 12" tires. I did check Craigslist but didnt find anything that I wanted. I like the fact that these trailers are foldable so I can probably stow them in my garage and they wont take much space. I need the trailer occasionally for bulky stuff that wont fit in Armada or the dirty stuff that I dont want in. I think you have got a great deal on your trailer but I live in a town home and dont have room to put a full size trailer in. A couple of weeks ago I had to haul a couch from Modesto to bay area and I had to leave my hatch open becuase I had passengers in my truck and the couch was protruding out. I think I will put one of those bike flags at the rear corner of the trailer for visibility. Or I guess I can rent a trailer at the local U haul.
Fed vee,
Thank for great tips. I did find a 7-4 adapter at Wallmart but I think I will need a 4 way bare wire connector. I believe I will need a crimping tool but I am not sure. I also bought locking hitch pin and another lock for trailer from wall Mart. Looks like I am getting hang of it ;)
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