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Changed out the fluid in the transfer case today. By far the easier task compared to the front/rear diff change.

I didn't jack up the truck or put it on ramps - just slid underneath. If you are uncertain about which piece is the transfer case, just follow the drive shaft from the front diff back.

The drain plug is on the bottom right of the front of the transfer case. The fill plug is on the back side about half way up. To get these loose, you use a 10mm hex socket. You'll have to put some muscle into it - and then it pops loose with a crack, which is probably caused by the original sealant on the plugs.

It drains quick and easy - fluid looked fine. It's ATF - so it is nowhere near as thick as the diff fluid. I refilled with Valvoline Maxlife ATF based on the Club Titan recommendations - it's Nissan Matic-D compliant. I pumped in somewhere around 2-1/2 quarts. Used some sealant when putting the plugs back in.

Sorry no photos - but go to the Do it yourself section on Club Titan and there are some posted.

So now I'm done with summer maintenance (did an oil change while I was at it). I'll leave the Transmission fluid for the dealership.
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