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Transmission cooler leak

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I took my car to the corner mechanic this weekend for an oil change. He pointed out that the lines to the transmission cooler were leaking. It looks like they've been leaking for a long time. It drips on the plate under the engine so I wasn't getting any oil on the driveway and the only way you can see it is if you take the plate off. From the looks its been that way for some time and I bet it was there in my previous oil changes at the dealer....guess they didn't look to close. This was exactly why I took it to a different place just to get a "fresh" set of eyes on my vehicle. I looked on the TSB's and here it is.

You all might want to check you cooler as well especially if you are getting to the end of your warranty.
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Dang ! I better check mine on my next oil change.

Thanks for the info.
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