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Transmission Sliping?

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Am I driving an automatic or a manual transmission? Here’s the scoop….The other day, my wife and I were looking at some very nice houses in an area. To do drive by browsing one would have to almost coast down the street to be able to stop, look and go. Every thing was fine until when it was time to drive off to get to normal traffic speed (35 on that street) the engine sounded like a manual transmission being revved too high in first gear (a hollow roar sound). I noticed this sound right away. I then turned to ask my wife it she had heard this different sound as I had. Well…just like most times I had to pin point the exact noise to her. Once she heard what I was talking about, she agreed.

Ultimately, I was able to duplicate to high revving sound again soon after. The A/C was on…I turned it off …same problem. 2 wheel drive, 4wheel drive, HI and LOW same problem. It is only happening at the take off in first gear with some minor loss of power. All of this and I don't even drive off road.

The next day it seemed to get worse. The high sound of the engine revved with even more loss of take off power. It just about happens all the time from a stand still. I don’t have a clue what this could be. Can this transmission problem cause damage to other engine components? I have heard some good raves about the Titan / Armada transmissions. I am taking My Armada 6/14/05 to have the window switch’s replaced (about an hour job). Now I will also have them check out my transmission and suspension for creaking (time table?). I deserve a rental since I live just out of the free shuttle service. Does anyone have any idea on what is going on with my transmission?

2004 Armada SE
12,150 miles a/o 6/13/05
Silver Lightning w/ Steel leather
Moon Roof
Big Tow package
Extended Warranty
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paulgator68 said:
Dropped the Armada off this morning. Wouldn’t you know it I could not make this transmission rev duplicate on the way to the dealer. I laid out all the issues I was having to the Service Manager. I explained in detail what I was doing when it happened. I am not exactly sure what Extended Warrantee I have. Or how many options for extended warrantee there are. Is there a Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum Warrantee? All I know is when the sales manager sold me the warrantee he said “A rental car will be provided as long as the problem with the car has to do with the power train or other major component that makes the car go forward”. I stated my case that I do have an extended warrantee and the one of the reasons I did purchase it was for the loaner or rental because I don’t live close enough for the shuttle service. Get this… The service manager told me that they had just switched computer systems and that my warrantee service was not in the new system. I told him that that was just great since I purchased the Armada here six month ago in December. So he went to the sales department to try to acquire my warrantee info. He came back to tell me that I did buy an extended warrantee but they also do not know witch kind or coverage provider. In the end I was provided with a Chevy Caviler from the local rental car co. at the rate of about 19.99 a day. Nissan said that they will try to get approval from the warrantee service they think it is once they can verify the car problem(s) and if that does not work he’ll try to get Nissan to cover the cost (I can’t remember what he called it). I will keep you all posted with the outcome.
find a new dealer if it is at all possible.

i don't have any additional coverage but just firmly explained that having a 40K truck with brakes issue befor 4K miles was unaacceptable and since they were going to have the car again for a whole day I needed transportation. I was given the option of a new Maxima or Titan and Nissan (not the dealer) ate the cost.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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