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Trenz grill for sale cheap!

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My tastes have changed a little bit since I bought my Trenz grill when I got my Armada, so I've decided to see if anyone wants to pick it up for cheap. It's solid and in perfect shape. I have the upper section only, as they didn't offer the bumper section at the time. It attaches very securely with some clips/pins and is a quality product. If you were to buy one new, they're going for $170 online- I'll sell this one for $100 shipped.

PM me if interested.


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brysig228 said:
still have this grill? where can you get the matching bottom grill? ty
I just saw the lower grill on the California performance web site one of our advertisers , and its for $45.00. Damn, I don't know how to get the site again. ;)
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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