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11 months later, did some minor upgrades to the Wolf. Apologies in my latter post for calling it gunmetal gray. Official color is Smoke Gray. I talked about going Matte Black. Still in the air about that one. I did upgrade front shocks to Bilstein 5100's on #2 or middle setting. Upgraded the Exhaust as well and slapped on a Magnaflow Muffler. Has a healthy angry growl about it. Loving that. Pics to follow. Next upgrades are tires and front suspension as My UCA bearings are leaking and is squaky when I go over bumps at the start of the day, and I need to do it quick so I can get my alignment done immediately after.. Pics following.

Bilstein 5100 middle setting replacement.

My upgraded exhaust. Note, The tip is blacked out as I am not a fan of Chrome.


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