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Used 2004 Armada

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I purchased a used 2004 Armada about three weeks ago and I love it!!! I had seen one at the LA auto show and fell in love with it. I do have a few questions that maybe you guys could help me with:

1) My Armada has a Nav system but no DVD, is that unusual? I see that a lot of you guys have a "tech" package that apprears to be all emcompasing and I'm just wondering if perhaps the original owner took the DVD system out of the one I purchased? As an OEM part, are they expensive?

2) So far I haven't had a problem with the brakes and I've driven over 3K miles. Am I just lucky or is it a matter of time before they go bad?

3) Has anyone istalled a wood dash trim kit? Do they look tacky? Some of the one's I've seen look as they they have too much wood.

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Jason at Burtman industries makes a great dash kit- wood and aluminum (which is what I have). I think they look sharp. A lot of folks have commented that they like the Burtman kit because it's "just enough".

Congrats on the purchase. I saw a local 2004 LE with 7k on it advertised for 489/month. I knew I should have waited! :)
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