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Veering when hitting bumps

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Does anyone else veer to the left or right when hitting multiple small bumps? It feels like the shocks are bad and not keeping the tires on the road. I noticed this with the stock tires and rims and hoped that changing them with wider tires would help but it still happens. I am not driving fast either, this is going about 25 - 35 MPH. Is this natural or should I have this looked at?

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Thank you both for the info. Atleast now I know I am not crazy or imagining this. My Grand Cherokee definitely never gave me a ride like this and that was one of the worst vehicles I have ever owned.
Very true. Does not bother me that much but makes my wife a little nervous. The give and take I can live with, especially when I push on the pedal ;)
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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