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Veering when hitting bumps

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Does anyone else veer to the left or right when hitting multiple small bumps? It feels like the shocks are bad and not keeping the tires on the road. I noticed this with the stock tires and rims and hoped that changing them with wider tires would help but it still happens. I am not driving fast either, this is going about 25 - 35 MPH. Is this natural or should I have this looked at?

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Wheel hop and veering

The 'mada is built with a full ladder frame and a relatively 'stiff' suspension compared to other SUV's/Trucks. This gives you the ability to tow more, less body roll, as well as gives the vehicle more stability in cornering and in emergency situations. Unfortunately it results in some wheel hop/veering over multiple bumps like railroad tracks etc. The truck weighs just under 5600#. The alternative is to go with less stiff springs and ultimately end up with a more comfortable, but less safe and capable vehicle.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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