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Vizualogic Advantage Series

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Vizualogic Advantage Series monitors

Hay gang anyone install these ? Vizualogic Advantage Series
Dual Infrared Headrest Monitor Kit. If so how do you like them ? And do they match the factory leather like they say ?
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Man can't beleive none of you guys have these ! I looked at a pair the other day when I got the Mada tinted and WoW they are sweet !
baseballfanz said:
They are nice system but the price is kinda high (not saying it's not worth it) but seems kinda high for most people. Can probably get a similar setup for much cheaper.
Yeah they are a little much but they look soooo nice plus you can now get a pair with 9" monitors .Trying to decide to go with them or a drop down Myron&Davis 8.8 inch to go with the monitor in the Nav spot like Macflys ( I love that mod ).
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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