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To continue with my Volant install;
I have the Throttle Body spacer installed, so I had a interference between the Volant air tube and the fan shroud. I trimmed the rubber boot that connects the air tube to the throttle body (see this in JT's post), but my tube was still touching the fan shroud. I then cut 1/4 inch from the end of the air tube (the end that connects with the boot to the throttle body) and then had clearance. (see the photo of the amount I cut off).
After I had everything installed I saw that the cover for the air box was bowed up in the center. Look at the pictures, you can see that the top is not sealing. I added screws in between the four original screws, for a total of eight to hold the cover down. You can see in the pictures that the top is down after the additional screws.
I used 1/4 " bolts to hold the cover. The material at the top of the Volant box is quite thick, enough to drill and tap the other four holes. You can see in the pictures where I drilled the additional holes.
The last change I did was to use shorter screws to hold in the MAF sensor. The screws that came with the Volant were much longer than needed; I didn't want that extra length sticking through into the air tube.
My air tube was not drilled for the sensor screws; I don't know if any of them are. I used the sensor to locate the holes, then drilled small pilot holes for the screws.
I also removed the small rubber gasket that is on the sensor, and used only the gasket that comes with the Volant.
I hope this may help some with their installation.


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