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So, on the way home from VT Skiing (duing one of the worst snowstorms to hit the east coast in years) my windshild washer decided to stop working...and yes, I had pleanty of fluid in there. What happened?? Made it a very scary ride at times..

The new BF GOODRICH's All Terrains were unbelivable, had it in AUTO only and it plowed through everything
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washer fluid

".... They work great, and you dont even need to scrape the ice of your windows when your spraying them with 80 degree washer fluid..... "

Be very careful about using any heated liquid on a cold windsheild, thermal stress will shatter the glass, no real mess because of the laminations but really difficult to se through. I have personally seen three rear windows shatter into little tiny pieces just from using the rear defroster( all the years of built up stress in the glass and the amibent conditions were to blame). I have also witnessed a couple of winshields crack as the owners tried to melt ice by pouring boiling water on the winsheild( it was fun to watch from inside the car as the crack grew along the same path as the water that wa being poured on)
any small stone chip or hir line crack is a stress point and is prone to cracking easier than a new glass.

Check that your washer fluid is rated to at least -40, just like your anti freeze in the rad. Up here in the great white north it is a ritual that every October we start changing to winter fluid. Remeber also, that at 60mph with temps in the teens the wind chill from the moving air will have a drasitc effect. (I've frozen rads solid at 60 mph with the temp just below freezing and weak anti freeze)

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