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What to do with center speaker with NAV?

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It seems some people are using the PAC-Audio LOC to amp other speakers or a sub. But what happens to the center speaker? I have an 06 with NAV. On the titan forums most people just unplugged it but I can't find anyone with a NAV system to find out what they are doing with center speaker.
Also, how is sound being outputted there? Does it just take the difference between the left and right or is there some kind of sound processing happening by the bose amp? How does the NAV use the center speaker?

I am thinking of going with the PAC audio adapter for a sub, but not sure what to do with the other speakers.
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I looked at the wiring diagram from the for the Bose/RF amp and it looks like the center channel comes out of it and goes to the center speaker directly. The inputs only show the front and rear speakers on it. I wonder if the Nav taps into that speaker and switches the "input" somewhere whenever a voice command is made.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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