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Hey Everyone,

I have a 2007 Amada LE 4x4 (145k). Years ago I got Nissan Titan Heavy Metal 20" wheels (chrome plated) which I run in the summer with Michelin LTX 2s.

At the same time, I got Goodyear LT Duratracs for my OEM 18" wheels I run in the winter.

The ride comfort on the 20"s was a bit rougher than the OEM 18"s with passenger tires but not terrible. The ride on the 18" Duratracs is brutal, they do not grip as well in the rain, performance (acceleration, handling, braking) is far worse, gas mileage suffered, and they are loud.

The LTXs are likely better in every condition other than extremely deep snow but because the wheels to which they are mounted are chrome, road salt will destroy them.

Unfortunately I got some minor pitting on my Heavy Metal wheels due to not being able to keep up with cleaning. Also the LTX tires are at their end of life.

Now I need new tires. I'm thinking I might get a new set of 18" wheels and LTX (Defenders) to run year-round and see if I can get anything for the heavy metal or OEM wheels. I figure an 18" wheel will give me the smoothest ride.

Looking for thoughts on my options.

Option 1: Sell all my existing wheels and get a the Titan 18" wheel below.
Option 2: Sell all my existing wheels and get an aftermarket wheel in 18" (Sport Terrain TK8 or similar).
Option 3: See how much it would be (and if it is possible) to refinish my 20" Heavy Metal into a machined finish which should hold up better than chrome.

My sensible side doesn't want to spend anything because the truck is old and I rarely drive it due to purchasing another another vehicle last year. But I'm hoping to keep it for a while as I still use it when I need to haul stuff.

Titan 18" wheels - anyone know if they will fit?

Sport Terrain TK8 on Tire Rack:

Here is my truck on my Heavy Metal wheels which I absolutely love, just the maintenance is too high in comparison to a machined or painted wheel :cry: :

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