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in the interior of my armada i like to keep everything looking stock with surprises. But on the exterior i want something that people would notice. so i'm searching for some rims/wheels i wanted to know what is the largest size rim that could fit on the armada. 22'',24'',26''.... Does anyone know about this? That would greatly help
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Now you guys got TB going about rims again, Just kidding Tb... I never even spent over 4 g's for my 24's with tires and a lifetime warrenty. I got the rims right after I bout my Armada, I dealt with KMC direct and they hooked it up. 10 g's for rims thats a rip off for sure... That Titan you posted TB is for sure whack...
TB you care too much about people posting about big rims, like you said in your past post this is a site to help each other out. You give lots of advice but man you are really redundent about the big rims thing. Let the pople of the big rim threads be... You got your 20's with big tires we got our big rims with big tires. Its all self expression, if someone wants to brag about what they have and what they spent let them. You do the same thing listing all your cars and having your vette as your avatar on a "Armada" forum. Come on now bro it's over give it up, let everyone be and help those with tech questions, your good at that. You spend too much time on this website. :comphead:
brysig228 said:
this shouldn't even be an argument. if some peep likes big wheels or small wheels so what? what if a person don't go offroading or towing anything does that mean they are stupid or crazy for getting them? what's annoying is when someone said something about big rims and peeps start calling them crazy, stupid, or obnoxious. i think it's the other way around. why can't you just respect their decision if they like bigger rims? better yet if you don't have anything nice to say just don't say it at all.

now if they as for an advice just tell them the pros and cons on big rims. no need for name calling or things like that.. we are all adults here lets act like one. peace out..
Thats TB for you... Everyone on this forum will one day run into him...

You know what I hate though people with liftted trucks and suvs that dont do anything more then I do. Just use it for everyday use. Never even seen the dirt, no that I think is real bad, maybe even worst... Thats just me though... I got my 24's and I like them I dont care what people say and no I didnt spend 10 g's on them either...
You know what wonders me how come they have "DUB" edition SUVs, cars, and trucks... How come they dont have ORW edition SUVs, cars and trucks... I wonder MMMMMM :clever:
92TripleBlack said:
I think its Off Road Wheels edition. The answer is it is one of the most popular packages Nissan offers. There are also many TV shows and far more magazines that have been published for more than a year devoted to off-roading. :rolleyes:
ORW - Off Road Warehouse, I guess the shop is a locally owned one. I guess you guys had nothing else to bag on huh so you pick the ORW.. Which is fine...

Just like the so called "DUB" edition... Why not an aftermarket company picking up a line of cars/suvs/trucks and putting their stuff on it. Do you you understand now?
Hecdog said:
If everytime there is a wheel thread on this forum, TB is gonna post his "I hate dubs" routine, without being objective, get ready for more! It's has grown old and has all kinds of furry green things growing on it. And believe me I'm not alone in feeling that.

The DUB scene is part of a growing culture of hip hop, athletes, baggy clothes and such. Condeming it with such harsh language is akin to singling out a race or culture.

It would be one thing to say "Personally, I don't like DUBs. They're not for me". And another to say:

"The stupid part is the ignorance that people have with thinking others don't find big rims obnoxious, doppey looking, etc. Kinda like a fat guy strutting around in a speedo. Why respect poor decision making?"

Those are two different ways of saying the same thing. One is respectable, one is not. Care to take a guess?
Why does the big rim crowd have to have the title of having baggy pants, big sub's, side ways hats, hip hop etc... What about Shaq? Travis Barker? Just to name a couple. Do you go up to them and say your rims are obnoxious, their doppy such and such. If you like your off road tires cool. If you like your 20's and up cool. If I didnt have to cut into my fenders to fit 26's I would of, not to many people would put 26's, but it would set me apart very much. Isnt that the meaning of customizing your rides mean? Being different? Again thats just my opinion... Lets kill this thread now... Whos with me?
Im over this thread till the next episode of "Lets bag on the bigger then 20" rim crowd"... Im unsuscribing now... BYE everyone... :goodjob:
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